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September 2009

Cat News & Events

*Did you adopt from HK Alley Cat Watch? We love to receive photo updates of your family members. Please send to us at Thanks.

* Lookout for our HKACW Booth at the Pokfulam Market - 4th Oct, 6th Nov, 6th Dec and also at the Peak Galleria 20th Sept, 18th Oct & 15th Nov for more info pls contact Cecilia

*Fostering cats - We have kittens and cats needing short-term foster homes. Pls fill in our foster registration form and become part of our foster network.

* For Cat Cruelty Cases please be sure to inform the SPCA Insepctor Hotline at (T) 2711 100
. Then make sure you report the incident to the police.

Shek O Village residents, please sign this petition to start up Trap and Neuter (TNR). The SPCA must provide a list of community supporters before this area can be an official TNR Colony as approved by the government. Click here to sign your name. Please note only for Shek O residents to sign. SHEKO O TNR Petition

* Does your cat have an amazing story to tell? Please send us in your amazing cat tales, with photos to and your cat could be featured in our next greeting cards due to be printed. Help us help more cats with your wonderful cat stories.

* WE NEED YOU! Please register as a Foster Parent. If you live in Central or HK side, this would be extremely helpful to us. We always require reliable foster parents. Get in touch with us straight away, thanks.

* Please check out this great article from on "FIV - Catching a bad case of the Rumours". Also read the FIV Fact sheet.

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*Taking your cat to the UK. Read all about the New Pet Travel (PETS) Scheme. No more quarantine!
Find out how to take your pet overseas yourself to reduce costs. Visit the AFCD website to find out more.

*Get info on how to effectively and inexpensively cat proof your windows. Visit our Cat Proofing Page.

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Cat Adoption is like Child Adoption it's for life!


Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch was set up as a Society in 2003 by Marian Banaghan who has been on the Mid Levels street cat circuit since 1997, and Michelle Temple who has been an avid cat lover all her life. More recently Michelle is foster mum to a majority of the rescued street orphans many of which have been successfully homed by HK Alley Cats Watch.



For all Adoption Enquiries you can expedite the process by filling in an Adoption Registration Form which will help us to make an immediate assessment as soon as possible!

Click here to Read our Adoption Requirements page. You can download the Adoption Registration Form & email it back to us! Thanks.


Animal Earth
Sign your name here to help fight for stricter laws on animal cruelty in HK




Help us Help Abandoned Cats On the Street

HK Alley Cat Watch would love to help every abandoned cat we come across, but we are a small group of volunteers with limited resources. We ask people who find kittens & cats to do what you can as a first resort such as placing ads in SCMP Trading Post (print) Trading Post (new!) & Asiaxpat. You can also help by being a foster until a suitable home can be found. To volunteer as a foster please contact




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At present donated funds go toward street cats with injuries and newborn kittens needing urgent medical care. Due to a lack of regular funding we only have enough funds to treat cats in our neighourbood but hopefully this will change in the future. Since our website was launched in early 2004 we have been inundated with pleas for help, and although we strive to do everything we can to help, it is impossible to continue on such a large scale.

We are only infact two people with a handful of foster homes and no other facilities in which to house the cats and kittens awaiting adoption. Although we will persevere in our efforts to help our feline friends, our main emphasis is TNR, and we encourage more people to get involved as we believe strongly that this initiative offers the best solution in decreasing the number of kittens born and abandoned on our streets. If you are interested in helping in TNR, please call the SPCA’s headquarters in Wanchai on 2802 0501 and ask to be put through to the Cat Colony Care department.


We have recently been inundated with stray cat calls. Due to the fact we are two people and a handful of foster volunteers, we are physically unable to deal with many rescue situations - we are simply not equipped. We urge people to contact the SPCA. We will continue to welcome calls concerning orphaned new born kittens, though this depends solely on there being ‘enough room at the Kitty Inn’. We are more than happy to point people in the right direction. If you do find a kitten or a cat, our main obstacle is not having anywhere to board them as we DO NOT HAVE A CENTRE, all fostering is done from people's homes. You would be helping by keeping the stray at your house until it's healthy, or until we can at least find an alternative foster or permanent home.


Please visit our Adoption Gallery page for a detailed description of cats available for homing and our Success Stories page. If you have adopted a cat through HK Alley Cat Watch, a picture of you & your moggy will be there.

To answer any health queries you may have about your cat, please visit our Vets Questions & Answers page. An updated Q&A is posted each month, if you would like to have a question answered by a vet you can email us directly.

We ask potential families to think long and hard before adopting, especially if you know you will eventually leave Hong Kong as it's much harder to find a home for an older cat than it is a kitten. We encourage any family leaving HK to consider taking their companions with them, unless of course the best homes can be found for them.


"A meow massages the heart" --Stuart McMillan


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