Success Stories Snapshots:

Erica & Vinnie

Sam, Livvy & Ebon

Sammie March & Jasper 14.03.05

Marco, Emilie & Sumatra 03.05

Tiger, Liz & Adam

Sydney & Suzuki Family 26.02.05

Celine, Richard & Beethoven 15.02.0

Victor & Gillian, Goldie & Frosty

Emilie, Marco & Tequila 10.2.05

Andy & Jade

Walker Family & Ted

Liz, Adam & Timmy

Stones, Sam & Frodo

Kuni & Ringo

Joan & Max

Elsa, Tabby girl

Jack Seymour & Goliath 14.12.04

Chris & Megan, 2 tabbies 13.11.04

Xenia & Abby 9.10.04

Candy & Peter

Dennis & Chun Chun

Linda & Indie 18.10

Becky & Alley

Daniel, Suewan
Squidge & Tipsy

Nala, Thomas & Melanie 10.04

Bani, Derald & Sealion

Aurora & Rain

Dr Spock Thomas & Melanie 10.9.04

Xuereb Family w/
Aristotle 7.9.10

Jason Jessica Eda & Mamie 02.09.04

Medea Toby & Beanie 29.08.04

Adam Teresa Big J & Trixie 29.08.04

Barbara & Tabby Tortie 28.08.04

Rebecca & Gingy 28.08.04

Christine & Sofina 28.08.04

Jo Gus & Max 28.08.04

Chaumet Family & Wilby 27.08.04

Sandrine w/Neige


Hatsumi w/Tango & Cha Cha


The Jecks with Mimi


Kay & Sprout

John, La La & Colleagues

Tom, Stacy (Ferndale Kennels), Ryan & Joshie

Yvonne & Joseph Chai Chai & Miu Miu

Lynne & Enrique

David Ruth & Archie


Tania & Simba

Una Gary & Harry

Miriam Boo & Ginger

Renate Donald

Ally, Tiggy & Willow

Dawnette Jake & Oona

Sam's Family with Isabella & Fudge

Mike & Jake

Gary & Rudy

Serge Dinky & Dido

Raj & Chloe

Sally Olive & Orlando

Gregory Family & Moon Moon

Zita & Blinky

Tom & Charlie

Minno & Lambert

Richard Christina & Britney

Nicky, Max & the Twins

Stanley_Mandy_Yau Yau



Gen & Simon

Jay & Oscar

Maddie & Looloo


Ricky_bao bao


Samantha_ Sept03

Eddie & Willow

Alistair Cathy & Ginger boy


Matilde Lucas & Liloo



Samantha & kitty

Sam & Pug


Henry & Marcel

Jill & Jasper

Max & Azmar

Poopy & Joyce

Starsky & Rufina



Kay & Jasper



The Tooles & Roxy

Neil Amelie & Titch

Julian & Cassie

Beth & Ollie


Geoff & the Twins

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As of the 19 March 05

HK Alley Cat Watch have successfully saved the lives of hundreds of cats and kittens abandoned on Hong Kong's streets. As at the third quarter of 2004, we have taken in under our care and homed over 300+ cats and kittens in total.

For those that have made Hong Kong's streets and alleys their home, we look after their general welfare and have taken countless numbers to our participating veterinary clinics to receive medical treatment and surgery for broken limbs, gingivitis (entailing full mouth extractions) and a dignified death when all hope is lost.

Please find some pictures in this section of adopted kittens on the day their families came to collect them. It's always tough parting with foster kittens once they are healthy and ready to go to their new homes, but it's comforting to know that we have managed to find great homes for all our kittens to date. Although there are always still many more that do need our help.



April 2004

Julian & Cassie

12th April 2004

Hi Michelle,

It was really lovely to meet you the other day and it was especially great
that we could bring Cassie home with us :) !. Thank you very much for your help in the pet shop as well. The Kittens are all really very lovely and we are looking forward to being able to bring gorgeous Moon Moon home with us too. It really is fantastic what you are doing and amazing just how many kittens you have. I hope everything goes well with the three kittens you collected today.

Cassie is a wonderful little kitten and seems to have settled in well. Our
first night was very sleepless as she was desperate to join us on the bed or just generally have a little wonder round being very talkative! She slept on and off quite a bit yesterday after her long day ! She slept very well last night and has been extremly playful all day :) today. She is purring loads and seems to be eating well and has some milk and water. She is simply adorable and ever so pretty. I hope Moon Moon will settle in well too when she arrives, which we are very excited about.

We will definitely look into helping you increase awareness of HK Alley Cat
Watch at Julian's school.

Kind Regards Nina & co !! xx






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