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Donations, however small, are gratefully received and go towards the needs and upkeep of homeless cats and kittens. As a non-profit Society, there are no hidden costs with all monies received going towards veterinary treatment and food. HK Alley Cat Watch is a volunteer run organisation.

If you would like to send us a one-time donation, or set up a monthly standing order, our bank details are as follows:


ACCOUNT NAME: Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 043-291921-001

Other hard goods you could also donate:
- Ink Cartridges (Epsom 750 stylus) for printing out flyers
- Cat carriers or cat bags
- Cat trees (if you've bought one and your cat doesn't use it, we will be able to put it to good use)
- Stationery items (paper etc)
- Old Towels or blankets(hand ones for kittens)
- Old litter trays that you are going to throw away
- Cat litter
- Hot water bottles
Flea & Tick Treatments
- cat Shampoo's
- Kitten milk formula
- Cat food is always handy to feed the masses and for foster kittens (canned or dried)
- Storage space in Central would be fabulous for cat food (if anyone has an office with an unused back area).

- Someone to help with designing flyers and posters

To give you an idea our vet bills range from HK$200-HK$2,000 approx per cat in some cases. We have taken on a lot of intensive cases recently, so it's been very spendy for us. However we go on with our motto ("that all creatures deserve a chance"), and while we have the funds to do this, we will continue to follow this.

Please contact on if you are able to help us with any of the above mentioned items.

Grateful thanks,

Michelle & Marian




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