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Cat Proofing can save your flat cat's life

Cat Proofing your windows or balcony is easy to do. Don't put your cat's life at risk by not taking the time to do this. So many cats & kittens fall from windows (and our families have been no exception). We really don't want to risk adopting cat's out to people who aren't willing to do this. Below find all the details you need to cat proof your windows, you don't need to drill into any walls, so don't worry about whether you need permission from your landlord. This is simple and effective. If you think that your cat is safe (even from a first floor flat), you are unfortunately mistaken. Cats are more likely to do themselves more damage from falling from a lower height. However this doesn't apply to kittens, as they will probably not survive the fall.

Your windows can be easily covered using Flexi-glass. An inexpensive effective and asethetically pleasing way of cat proofing your windows. A wonderful man Chuck designed these and has helped me install one at my flat to show people. All material can be purchased in central. Big thanks to Chuck for doing this!

First step is to measure your window. Then take into account 1 less inch at the width and 3/4 less inches for the height. This allows space for the rods, airflow and easier installment.The Flexi-glass can be purchased at:

Po Sang Glass & Framing
G/F 47 Wellington Street
(T) 2523 1374
Contact: George

Approx cost depending on size of your window, though for the size of my window it was HK$160. The two rods (HK$70 each) and plastic pull ties (extremely cheap).

NB: The Plexi-glass should be 1/8" thick.

The holes drilled in the plexi-glass (for the pull ties to be attach to the rods should be 3/16"). Note, holes should be drilled 1/4" from the edge of the plexiglass at the top & bottom. Please see picture below (drilled holes with rod ties are circled. You can ask George from the Flexiglass shop to drill the holes for you). You will need holes at the top at bottom sets of the flexiglass and two rod bars. The brilliant thing about this is that you don't need to drill into your wall to fix it to the window. As long as the rods can attach themselves to the side of the window, they can be firmly adjusted so they don't budge.

The plastic pull ties are 2.5*102 mm.

The Rod & Plastic Pull ties can be purchased at:

Housewares Handicraft
G/F 53A Caine Road

(T) 2522 2870

When you want to open your window you twist the white rods which loosens their grip to the sides of the windows, you can lift up the flexiglass to open the window, but make sure you twist the rods again to fix it back to sides of the window.

Goodluck if you need any help, please give me a call - though I may need to ask the help of Chuck who helped me install this one.




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